Esporão Reserva 2010, “The Best of The Year” in Finland

11 Apr 2013

The Finnish wine magazine Viini Lehti selected Esporão Reserva 2010 as one of the best wines of 2012. The choice was based on this wine’s balance between quality and price, being all wines analyzed priced between 25 and 30 euros.

According to the magazine, wine is a personal pleasure in which all the pieces fit together perfectly for a unique experience. It appears that Esporão Reserva 2010 supports this view and it won the judges over with its quality, intense flavor and zesty aroma with a soft mouth, characteristics attributed to the wine by the magazine.

For Viini Lehti, Esporão Reserva 2010 is a wine to be enjoyed with food and recommended as an accompaniment to a strong cured cheese or red meat.

Each year, the Finnish magazine chooses 2 wines harvested from all over the world. The fact that Esporão Reserva 2010 was one of the chosen wines in 2012 is something to be very proud of and it is the result of years of dedication sourcing the best product, made from the best raw material in the Alentejo region, where Herdade do Esporão is located.